w3c validation plugin/inspection

Any one know of any, or thought of any w3c validation inspections?

Be handy for tracking down mismatched tags etc. etc.

Currently going through the firefox web-developer plugin and hitting the
validate, which is great, but then I need to trace it back to the source

For some things you'd need to stick to this as the problem might lay in
generated HTML, but would still be cool having them at some level within
IDEA if possible..

Anyone got any ideas?

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Have you tried HTML Validator plugin for Firefox?
Nice integration with HTML tidy built directly into Firefox.

I like some of the inspections and fixes in TopStyle Pro

  • Check your CSS syntax against multiple browsers

  • Upgrade outdated HTML - including font tags - to CSS

  • Convert your HTML to XHTML with TopStyle's HTML Tidy integration.

I would really like for IDEA to do things like show me all usages of a CSS style tag in my HTML and JSP files.


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