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I read in http://www.intellij.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/SequenceDiagram
that simpleuml plugin can draw sequence diagrams,
but no matter what I do - I see only class diagrams with
IDEA 4.5.
can anybody tell me how to get the sequence diagram?

Hello Michael,

Right Click on a Class->Add To simpleUML Diagram->New Diagram...
Pick 'Sequencediagram' from the Diagram Type ComboBox.

Best regards

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thank you !!!!!

why have I not seen this combobox ?!!
somehow it has completely escaped being viewn by me ;)
although I had the dialog 3 or 4 times

-> change the Dialog Title, put "Choose Diagram Type, Name + Location" in it ;)
-> or make a radio box with the different diagram types!

Ok, I could have just opened my eyes... :)



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