How do you create a Eclipse plugin using IDEA ?

IDEA is my IDE.

I want to create Eclipse plugins to create custom apps build on top of Eclipse platform.

I DON'T WANT to use Eclipse as the IDE just to use their plugin wizards for creating plugins for Eclipse.

any info on steps or any IDEA plugins to create Eclipse plugins ?

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I have done this some days ago... I can't see your problem exactly.

At first you have to buy more RAM.
Then just create a plugin project within eclipse. Then create a project within IDEA (don't forget to import the required libraries - this will take some time...) and start coding.
If you wanna test your code, switch to Eclipse press "F5" to get the newest sources and start the runtime-workspace...

Maybe you could also try to start the runtime workspace with Idea, but I don't know exactly how to do this - and never tryed to find out...

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That seems easy enough. I am low on memory so that would be a paint.



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