I didn't get the refrerence until I was rewatching the movie today. I had wondered why this class was named this. Now it all makes sense.

From: https://github.com/JetBrains/intellij-community/blob/master/platform/lang-impl/src/com/intellij/codeInsight/problems/WolfTheProblemSolverImpl.java

* @author cdr
public class WolfTheProblemSolverImpl extends WolfTheProblemSolver {

  public void startCheckingIfVincentSolvedProblemsYet(@NotNull ProgressIndicator progress, @NotNull ProgressableTextEditorHighlightingPass pass) throws ProcessCanceledException{
    if (!myProject.isOpen()) return;

  // returns true if car has been cleaned
  private boolean orderVincentToCleanTheCar(final VirtualFile file, final ProgressIndicator progressIndicator, final StatusBar statusBar) throws ProcessCanceledException {
    if (!isToBeHighlighted(file)) {
      return true; // file is going to be red waved no more

Someone has a sense of humor. LOL

What's funny is that I searched the forum before I posted this and got no hits.

Then a related post appeared in the side panel onice I put the post together. :/

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sylvanaar wrote:

Someone has a sense of humor. LOL

You can never be sure with these guys.... ;)


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That is funny.


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