[ANN] - GenerateToString v3.12

v3.12 has just been released with som more serious fixes for v3.11. I encurage all users to upgrade to v3.12.

The changelog is missing in the plugin.xml and thus not visible from the plugin manager.

v3.12 for IDEA 5.0x (feb-15-2005)
- Compiled with IDEA EAP build 3212 (Irida)
- Note: Templates supported in this version is not compatible with plugin v3.00 or older. To upgrade:
1) Uninstall plugin, 2) Start IDEA without this plugin, 3) Install plugin, 4) Restart IDEA
- Fixed using correct active template when IDEA was just started
- Fixed formatting of inserted javadoc
- Removed ident of toString() in generate menu (as it was in v3.10)

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