Custom language and mixing languages


as there are only quite old topics on this issue, I'd like to ask, if there are improvements especially in documentation of the feature of embedding languages.
All I found is some paragraph mentioning the chameleon token to be implemented, which is quite sparse.

What I'd like to do is to support a custom template language that allows to embed arbitrary other dynamic languages (like JSP or PHP) or HTML. In general, I do not know what language is embeded. I guess, I could solve the "what" with registering several extensions (like .tjsp or .tphp), and the parser for those fragments would themselve allow for HTML to be included as third level in parsing?

Would be great to have some documentation or example on how mixing languages works.


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As far as I understand our framework does not support 3 levels of mixing languages (your language embedding JSP or PHP which in turn embeds HTML) at all. Two levels is possible, but we don't currently have any documentation for that (and no, chameleons is not how you implement template languages).

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Thanks Dmitry for clearing up things. :)



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