Issues with Git4Idea since 117.117


I develop the heroku add-on for all Jetbrains IDE's and ran into issues with the latest update, the GitRepositoryManager changed from a class into an interface and is now implemented in GitRepositoryManagerImpl.

By now I could retrieve it with GitRepositoryManager.getInstance(project), now I tried project.getComponent(GitRepositoryManager.class) and project.getComponent(GitRepositoryManagerImpl.class) but both return null. (Btw. they worked while I still had the old libary from IDEA11 (pre 117) in the plugin classpath.)

The dependencies of my plugin are these:

    <idea-version since-build="117.117"/>


Any ideas?


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Are you sure you have your SDK set up correctly? The reason I'm asking is that I also encountered this API change, and by switching to project.getComponent(GitRepositoryManager.class) it works as before (using 117.180).

This is from Git4Idea plugin.xml:


AFAIK a project component should always be available by it's component interface class.


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