I dev a plugin that imported same class of properties, but it throw ClassCastException

I dev a plugin, and import plugin properties's lib (properties.jar) as a dependency. In my codes where used properties.jar's class listed belowe:


            PsiFile[] psiFiles = PsiShortNamesCache.getInstance(myPsiManager.getProject()).getFilesByName("messages_zh_CN.properties");
            if (psiFiles.length > 0) {
                List<IProperty> properties = ((PropertiesFileImpl) psiFiles[0]).getProperties(); // here throw ClassCastException, I debug the line code,the psiFiles[0] is really a PropertiesFileImpl class.

console's errors info:


java.lang.ClassCastException: com.intellij.lang.properties.psi.impl.PropertiesFileImpl
at org.wbase.plugin.i18n.manager.ITipsReferenceManager.findPropertiesFiles(ITipsReferenceManager.java:49)
at org.wbase.plugin.i18n.impl.ITipsReference.getVariants(ITipsReference.java:74)
at com.intellij.codeInsight.completion.CompletionData.completeReference(CompletionData.java:312)

I'm completely lost, can somebody give some hint of why this could be happening?

Thanks in advanced !

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Make sure to add dependencies to IDEA plugins to your IDEA JDK, not as "normal" library dependencies of your plugin module

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It works by add attr <depends>com.intellij.properties</depends> to pulgin.xml, thx a lot for your post!


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