[ANN] - GenerateToString v3.10


I just uploaded v3.10 of my plugin to the plugin manager.
This version is the first to break template compability with older versions. This is due the new feature to generate other methods than toString - e.g. compareTo.

To solve this you can change the templates to this new syntax:

The new format requires to have the method signature in the top. And the template code enclosed by { }.


v3.10 for IDEA 5.0x (feb-05-2005)
- Note: This version is only compatible with build 3185 (Irida) and higher
- Note: Templates supported in this version is not compatible with older versions. Either:
1) Uninstall plugin, 2) Start IDEA without this plugin, 3) Install plugin, 4) Restart IDEA
- Compiled with IDEA EAP build 2000 (Irida)
- Possible to generate other methods than toString() - e.g. can be used to generate compareTo() methods
- All 'yes/no/cancel' dialogs now uses IDEA components that honors "Automatic position mouse cursor on default button"
- Action is now only in Generate menu. Feature to enable/disable action from code or editor menus has been removed
- Reduced to only distribute two default templates
- Source code included in distribution
- Replacing a existing template file now reloads the templates to force correct template code shown in Settings

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