IntelliJ Plugin could not load in JNI native libs

I import a Eclipse SWT project in IntelliJ, I need to include the eclipse SWT jar files and also extract the SWT JNI libraries and include them to the working directory, it works if I run the application inside IntelliJ, however if I deploy this application as plugin, when run the plugin, it always throw the error:could not load in those JNI libs, I have put them inside the plugin jar and also try to put them in lots of working directories I could think of.... Anyo ne could help? Thanks a lot!

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IntelliJ IDEA currently does not load native libraries from custom plugin directories. You need either to write your own classloader or to install the plugin manually and copy the JNI libraries to the 'biin' subdirectory of the IntelliJ IDEA installation directory.

Note that using SWT in IntelliJ IDEA plugins is not a recommended approach.


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