Rearranger shuffle problem?

Hello Dave,

The Live Rearranger seems to want to shuffle things around
in my class if I don't "Show Fields" in the dialog.

I brought up Live Rearranger (Ctrl,), hid fields (AltF) and
moved around a bunch of methods (ShiftArrow, CtrlShift+Arrow).

When I pressed Enter to validate the changes, the class got
rearranged in a somewhat random order! I even had a method right
in the middle of the field declarations.

I played around with it more and came up with this quick
- Live Rearranger with default visibility settings works just fine,
- Live Rearranger with 'fields hidden' is broken (sometimes
doesn't do anything, sometimes does the wrong thing).

I'm using Rearranger 3.6, 2239, class with 13 private fields,
16 methods (4 public, 12 private), all fields first then public
methods then private methods.

Let me know if you can reproduce the problem or if you
need more info.



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Thanks for the report, Vincent. I'll see if I can reproduce it.

One would expect that given your situation, the fields would remain before the methods no matter what you did in the Live Rearranger.


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Hi Vincent,

Better late than never.. :)

I was able to reproduce your problem, and have uploaded a new version of the Rearranger plugin, version 3.8, with a fix. Please let me know if you have any more trouble.



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