Get path to perforce executable

Is there any way to find the current configured value of "Path to P4 executable"? We need to use a different alias for P4 and we want to put a configuration check in our plugin that finds out the current configured path to the p4 executable and modifies it for the user if needed (programatically).

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Hello Sundaresan,


- add IDEA_INSTALLATION/plugins/PerforceIntegration/lib/PerforceIntegration.jar to your plugin sdk,
- add <depends>PerforceDirectPlugin</depends> to plugin.xml
- use something like

        PerforceVcs perforceVcs = PerforceVcs.getInstance(myProject);
        PerforceSettings settings = perforceVcs.getSettings();

        // this is path to executable

in code

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Greetings! I am looking for similar info and I am so glad to read the shared info here. Anyway, how many years have you been doing programs? I am so impress with your intelligence. Programmig is quite difficult to perform but so challenging.

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