[ANN] TMate v1.5.1

TMate is a combination of IntelliJ IDEA plug-in and web application that allows you to track and be always up-to-date with your team development process. TMate is a smart browsing, tracking and reporting tool for Subversion and CVS version control systems.

TMate version 1.5.1 fixes minor problems in the TMate Server configuration dialog.

Visit http://tmatesoft.com/ to get more information on how TMate may help you in your everyday work.

You may download TMate v1.5.1 at http://tmatesoft.com/download/

TMate v1.5.1 is also available via IDEA plugin manager - invoke (File | Settings | Plugins) dialog, select TMate - Subversion and CVS Tool from the list of available plugins and click Download and Install toolbar button to get TMate.

TMate Software

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