Req: Metrics reloaded: train by example

Some parts of a project look fine to you, please your eyes, and your mind.
Some don't, they look ugly, in a metrics point of view.

This is where I which I could pick a few classes (5,10), and tell MetRel
- green/+1: this code is good
- red/-1: this code is bad
- white/0: average

This would tell MetRel what is important to me, and it would use it
afterwards, to build a search profile, based on what's important to me,
and what I consider average/good/bad.


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There are plans for allowing the user to create a fuzzy-logic-ish multi-linear combination of metrics, and essentially use it as a custom-created "goodness" metric. Doing so by example is a good idea, and one I'll probably use when it comes implementation time. That said, the combination metric is pretty low on the priority list compared to other changes to MR, so don't expect anything anytime soon.

--Dave Griffith


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