Req: Metrics reloaded: compare 2 projects.

Sometimes, I would read somebody else code and find it clearer than
mine, simpler to understand, and to follow. I'd like to compare his
metrics with mine, side to side(I'm sure mines are longer), to help me
spot the hot areas.

I'm frustrated by MR, because I don't know how to use it, and where to
start. This feature would help a lot.


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Dave, any comment?


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Sorry, got behind on some work and IG cleanups. Inter-project comparison is likely to be really quite difficult to do, and probably not tell you very much. My best suggestion on that is to export your results as CSV and then use a spreadsheet for running comparisons.

That said, I have been thinking about some ways of making MR results more clear, and ease the learning curve of applying metrics to your projects. One thing I will definitely be doing is running all of the metrics in MR on a variety of open-source Java projects (Ant, Tomcat, Hibernate, MR itself, feel free to suggest others) and presenting summaries of the results along with the description of every metric. Possibly even let you see graphs of their values. This should give newcomers to metrics some better ideas as to how their code bases compare to some industry standards.

I do realize that this is an issue, and do intend to get MR up to the same level of "Wow, it just works, and gives me exactly the information I want and can use" that IG is. It's gonna take a few more releases, though.

--Dave Griffith


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