Xml Attribute Value Reference: no quickfixes?

com.intellij.codeInsight.daemon.impl.analysis.XmlHighlightVisitor#doCheckRefs does check (deprecated) QuickFixProvider, but does not add quickfixes via LocalQuickFixProvider returned from reference. Why? What is the suggested way to add quickfixes to unresolved XML/JSP attribute value references?


Unless I misunderstood something in the code, the unresolvedReferenceQuickFixProvider API should work just fine in this case.


Yes, I saw that. So if I have references that work just fine with their quickfixes in some other context (e.g. Java), I'll have to "bridge" the quickfixes they already have with another API (UnresolvedReferenceQuickFixProvider)? This does not make sense to me.  Still why does it support QuickFixProvider but not its (functionally equal) successor LocalQuickFixProvider?


I don't think there's any reason for that; I think it's just an oversight. A YouTrack issue is welcome.


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