Where is the javadoc?

When I look at the Community Edition source code (that would be  whatever version was on the repository dec 3 icim), I dont' see any javadoc comments. When press CTRL--Q, nothing appears. However, i have the Grepcode plugin and that does take me to an online version of the 10.5 source  where  there appear javadoc comments in the source.

So my question is- why aren't there javadoc comments  or where is  the javadoc and how can I get them hooked up to the IDE? I would much rather view it in Intellij's IDE  than online.

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very strange

- what are the classes that are without javadoc?
- is the source code online the same as local ?(except javadoc)
- what is the online repository link?

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I can't find what I was looking at the moment when  I posted this. I'll post again if and when I see it. Sorry I  can't be more helpful. Thanks for looking at it.


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