Does there exist a database with info about the project, application etc? A quick yes or no question

Just a quick yes or no question.

I occurs to me that IntelliJ probably creates a lot of information about any given application  / project  / module it analyzes. Method sigs, class members, type information all this kind of thing.  The question becomes- does it retain a significant amount of this information in an enduring manner once it's been created  or does it forget it and  recompute most of it as needed? If it remembers a lot of "stuff", does it do it in memory or on disk, in a database.

So my question is- is there a database  or other data structure which is  queried to retrieve what computed relationships exist between objects? Just this- is there a db either in memory or on disk with computed values of the broad sort I am talking about?

Hope this is relatively  clear.

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