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InspectionGadgets is great, I have come to rely on it to help me become
a better programmer.

One suggestion that would make it more useful for me and my colleagues
is to be able to save the settings into an XML file that can be shared
by a team of developers.

Perhaps this is possible now and I'm just not aware of how to do it?

Also, it would be nice to be able to save different configurations
separately. For example, config A might be for legacy code and only warn
about very serious items, whereas config B might be for new code and
would warn about many more items.


Ted Hill

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Multiple error-checking profiles are in-plan for the Irida release IDEA (I can't add them to IG directly, it has to be done for all inspections). Exporting error setting can already be done. Look under "File/Export Settings..."

--Dave Griffith


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