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hi, I am trying to develop a plugin for issue tracking that will connect to a db through hibernate (which is what i do normally).
until the persistence part, the plugin works fine. I then created a persistence part which should connect to hibernate and reads writes data. my problems are:
1. how to make my plugin "see" hibernate's jar ? the only way I found was to put them in jre/lib/ext of intellij' folder, which is not very nice. just putting them in plugin folder dosn't work.
2. in intellij's environment, the default xml parser is sax, hence the hib config files are read using this, instead of xerces, and hence, due to sax order sensitiveness, unreadable. maybe 1 wil solve 2 too.

yes, I have no experince whatsoever in developing swing apps. thanks a lot

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I found a partial answer in a previous post:

" All jars that are placed in


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