[ANN] IdeaVIM 0.8.3-4.x

Bug fix release:

- After a fresh install it is possible to get a NPE when loading the first project. Now fixed.
- Fixed :class and :find. These were also broken by the focus fix in 0.7.2.
- Fixed * and # commands on one letter words.
- Fixed * and # commands on last word of line with trailing punctuation.
- Fixed b and e commands when trying to move to first or last word of file and the first or last character of the file was punctuation.
- Fixed NullPointerException appearing in system log when viewing a .form file.
- Fixed extraneous characters getting added to a register during recording.
- Use file type's indent size instead of tab size for indenting text.
- Restore caret if plugin is disabled.
- Fixed ability to delete blank line at end of files.


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