Download the Plugin Development Package from
http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download/, it contains all sources of the
standard plugins.

Ken Freeman wrote:

There is a copy of IG 1.0 source code from February at http://www.intellij.org/twiki/pub/Main/InspectionGadgets/InspectionGadgets.zip. However, that can only be built against 4.0.

Dave or anyone else: is there any place we can download a version compatible with 4.5? I'd like to extend some of the I18N inspections.



I'm afraid I have stopped updating the wiki since IG and IPP were rolled into the product. I'll see if I can free up some time next week to do that. Until then, there's the plugin development pack. out of curiousity, most people wanting to see the code usually want it as an example to write their own inspections. I'm always interested in hearing about those, and rolling them in if appropriate. Feel free to drop me a line if that's the case.

--Dave Griffith


Thanks, Martin and Dave. The Plugin Development Package has just what I need.



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