Tabifier: Problems & Suggestions

First of all thanks for this great plugin.

  • It's single most important shortcoming is that is isn't part of Idea itself.

Hey JetBrainers: Any negotiations with Dave started? This should really be part of core Idea 5!
E.g. it would be nice to have the automatic "reformate before commit" tabify also, and when reformat on paste is enabled well - tabify, etc.
And most importantly have the tabifier settings part of the code style, so that I can optionally store them in the project. It's just to complicated to tell for a team of workers to agree on tabifier settings and have them all configure the plugin exactly the same.

  • Here is a bug I noticed in Tabifier 5.0:

I have all method declaration parameter alignment switched OFF, but alignment for field and variable declarations on.
Still this is what I get for a multiline method header:

  • Another bug is only minor, yet annoying:

With Idea default reformat I get

after using tabifier:

In this case tabifier actually breaks an alignment that was there before. But maybe I am missing some options.
Note that my code wrap border is set to 120 characters, so there would be enough room to keep the second line aligned to the initializer part.

  • Special options for comments

And sure enough, even with all those fine grained options, I still need another setting:
Optionally do not let the grouping be interrupted by javadoc comments. I want to have multiple field declarations aligned, but the javadoc breaks the grouping. Currently the only way to do this is to set the general option to not break the grouping by any non-tabifiable statement - but that's just too much.

Hm, maybe have two options: One for javadoc comment and one for regular comments?!

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Note that in this idea formatted code above the second line should start right below the initializer part of the first line. Some how the formatting was changed?!

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Thanks for your kind comments and suggestions. I will take a look at the bugs you've reported. I have a few other tabifier bugs to put to rest also, so maybe I can work them all into a release soon.

Gruesse aus Seattle,


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