Reparse after


I'm trying to get auto-import to work in the Gosu plugin.  I'm pretty close, but I have a problem getting the old error annotations to disappear after the fix is applied.

Here is the bindToElement() code for a TypeLiteral in Gosu:

  public PsiElement bindToElement( PsiElement element ) throws IncorrectOperationException
    GosuFile initialFile = (GosuFile)getContainingFile();
    PsiElement elt = GosuPsiParseUtil.parseExpression( ((PsiQualifiedNamedElement)element).getQualifiedName(), getManager() );
    if( elt instanceof GosuTypeLiteralImpl )
      GosuTypeLiteralImpl tl = (GosuTypeLiteralImpl)elt;
      if( element instanceof PsiQualifiedNamedElement )
        PsiElement shortName = GosuPsiParseUtil.parseRelativeTypeLiteral( ((PsiQualifiedNamedElement)element).getQualifiedName(), getManager() );
        initialFile.addImport( tl );
        replace( shortName );
        return shortName;
        replace( elt );
        return elt;
    return this;

We replace the PSI and everything looks pretty good at the text level, but unfortunately the old error annotations stick around (pointing to bad offsets.)  The only way I can get the annotations to update is to delete (not add) text from within the function.

I'm still poking around, but I was hoping someone might chime in with a "Oh, you need to mark the file as needing a full reparse" or something...


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