Can the built in identifier highlighter support this use case?

I want to be able to make the following use case work:

5-27-2011 9-15-05 PM.png
In the image above, the function definition foo:bar is highlighted with the "write access" highlight when my cursor is on "self:bar", but "self:bar" does not get the "read access" highlight because the text is different. "self:bar" does resolve to "foo:bar". So ctrl-click works correctly as well.

If i change "self:bar" to "foo:bar" I get the correct highlighting. (by the way "self" is an alias for "foo" in the example)

5-27-2011 9-15-29 PM.png

Is there a good way to make highlighting work for identifers that are aliased like this? Do I need to just make my own custom highlighter?

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