SvgViewer not working on OS X?

Anyone able to use the SVG viewer plugin on Mac OS X? When I try to view the image for an SVG file, I get the following error message:

I assume the name "Users" is coming from the full path to the SVG file I am trying to view (/Users/tdean/...)

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not sure I got this exception - but I was never able to view a PNG with it.

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I've put a version of SvgViewer on the wiki at with some debug logging.

When you have time could you...
1. download it into your ~/.IntelliJIdea/config/plugins/SvgViewer/lib directory,
2. update your /idea/bin/log.xml to contain:


3. restart idea,
4. open an svg document (giving you the error),
5. exit idea and
6. edit the idea system log (~/.IntelliJIdea/system/log/idea.log) looking for

7. post the result here (or email me)

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OK, here's the results I see in the log file:

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hmmmm...this is weird. com.intellij.openapi.vfs.VirtualFile.getURL() on Windows returns

...but on OS X returns

...and in any case Apache Batik expects

I've done another hack to keep Batik happy:

Does this fix it?

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I've done some more testing (on Win2000). In summary...
On Win2000, VirtualFile.getUrl() returns:

...where d: is a drive letter. According to there should be a hostname or null where the drive letter is.

On OS X it returns

...which RFC1738 says is the correct format for a file URL. A null hostname means "localhost".

...Apache Batik accepts either the non-standard:

or the RFC1738 format (with a null hostname):

or this RFC1738-compliant format (on Win2000):

but chokes (trying to connect to hostname "d:") on:

and (trying to connect to hostname "foo"):

I've hacked SvgViewer to pass RFC1738 form URLs unchanged to Batik, and to convert "file://d:/foo/bar" to "file:///d:/foo/bar".

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That seems to have fixed it - Thanks!


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