How to get LocationOnScreen of Editor's cursor

Hi guys,
I need to popup custom component and place it's upper left corner on cursor position in Editor screen, but I can't find a simple way to get cursor's location on screen. Do I have to calculate it by myself? I have upper left corner location of editor, line # and column # and font attributes,so, I guess I can calculate it, but is there better way to get this data? Zaranee blagodaren...

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Hi Andrei,



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Hi Denis,

Thanks a lot for so quick response.
It gives location outside of screen (e.g. location = java.awt.Point[x=35,y=2516]). I understand that it's location relatively to the top left corner of entire file (not only it's visible part).
This is what I'm doing additionally to your method:

                final Point cursorAbsoluteLocation = editor.visualPositionToXY(caretModel.getVisualPosition());
                final Point editorLocation= editor.getComponent().getLocationOnScreen();
                final Point editorContentLocation = editor.getContentComponent().getLocationOnScreen();
                final Point popupLocation = new Point(editorContentLocation.x + cursorAbsoluteLocation.x ,
                                                                        editorLocation.y + cursorAbsoluteLocation.y - editor.getScrollingModel().getVerticalScrollOffset());

For x I'm using editorContentLocation instead of editorLocation, because it's include left margin.
It's working, but is it right way to do it?

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That's correct calculation of the caret location relative to screen coordinates.



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