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Scenario: I want to manually rearrange some methods based on the call
order of another. I open live rearranger (its been a while since I've
used it; looks really nice). But the method I need to use for guidance
is not visible, so I go to scroll it into view. But alas, live
rearranger is modal.

I understand that the file needs to not be changing out from under
rearranger, but might it be possible to mark the file read-only via the
editor, rather than use a modal dialog, so the scrollbars still work?

Barry Kaplan

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Hi Barry,

I see, you want to scroll the editor window (not the Live Rearranger window).

It wouldn't work to mark the file read-only in the editor, because then the rearrangement would not be possible.

I don't think I understand the rearrangement you're trying to achieve. Couldn't you scroll to the "guidance method" before bringing up L.R.? Is it true that the rule-based rearranger cannot handle what you want? I guess I'd like to understand the rearrangement problem better.



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