[ANN] Clearcase plugin re-released for updated plugin manager

1.31 for 4.0
1.32 for 4.5

No change except the new versioning required by the plugin manager



It shows version 1.32.1 in IDEA4.0.3 Plugin Manager.

I installed it. "Version Tree", "Checking Out File", and "Undo Check Out File" works, while "Check In File" doesn't. It's in command line mode.

Should it be 1.31?


You would be right. Something seems to be wrong in the plugin manager. I filed a bug for this http://www.intellij.net/tracker/idea/viewSCR?publicId=36935

In the meantime you can manually download it from http://www.intellij.org/twiki/pub/Main/ClearcasePlugin/transparent.zip and install it (unzip the zip file in IDEA_HOME/plugins). It has been there since Jan 23 but should work fine being the version 1.31. Let me know if it doesn't.



Little note on the install.
The name of the plugin has been changed from transparent to ClearcasePlugin since the 1.31 was released. Therefore
1. remove the old clearcase plugin under IDEA_HOME/plugins/ClearCasePlugin if it exists
2. unzip the transparent.zip

Once this little problem with the plugin manager is resolved and you install the new clearcase version from the plugin manager you will have to delete the plugin version you installed manually (IDEA_HOME/plugins/transparent) before restarting.



Than you very much.

I installed "transparent" manually. Unfortunately, "Check In File" seems still not working at first time. It reported success immediately, but leaving the file still checked out.

After playing around a while with it, I found this is caused by the file is not modified since it's checked out. When I did some modification, It could be checked in successfully.

Now I remember the "ClearCase plugin 1.32.1" I installed using Plugin Manager this morning perhaps behaves in the same way, because its "Check In File" failed when I did little test, but worked well for the real work.

They are both in CommandLineClearCase mode.

This is not a big problem though. It works well for real work. Thank you again.



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