[ANN] TestDox IDEA Plugin v0.8 released

-Added Add Test (AltShiftN) intention shown anywhere inside an empty test class

-Added Rename Test (AltShiftF6) and Delete Test (AltShiftDelete) intentions shown when editor caret is on the name of a test method

-Added New Test editor action to the code generations listed using AltInsert+

-Merged Go To Test (CtrlAltShiftD)+ and Go To Tested Class (AltShiftD) actions into Toggle Class/Test (AltShiftT) action

-Replaced Activate TestDox Panel (CtrlAltD) action with Toggle TestDox (AltShiftD) action

-Added TestDox right after Refactor in both editor popup and main menus

-TestDox actions are now enabled depending on the current file selection

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