Terminating a Language Console?

Hi all,

I'm using the new Language Console functionality, but I'm not using it with an external process - I'm using it as an in-process library. It works well, except that I can't indicate to the console when my REPL has terminated. Digging into the code I can see that ConsoleViewImpl has a ConsoleState field, but the only way to modify this is by calling attachToProcess. Ideally I'd like a more flexible way of setting the state, is there any way I can achieve this short of using reflection?

Edit: just to be clear, what I'm actually trying to achieve is to disable the editable part of the REPL so the user can't enter any more text.


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Can anyone give me any pointers on this? I've been looking through the source code without any joy, I also tried the reflection trick and that doesn't work either. Any pointers would be gratefully received.

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In case anyone else is interested in doing this, I managed to do this with some simple Swing:

        SchemeConsole console = consoleView.getConsole();
        JComponent component = consoleView.getComponent();
        Container parent = component.getParent();
        if (parent instanceof JPanel)
          ((JPanel) parent).updateUI();

Basically, I find the panel holding the console view component, and swap it out with just the history view component.


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