PropertiesEditor request

Hi, Dmitry.

I just realized something I want from wonderful PE:

Search usages of several entries at once.

You well know that we have quite a few properties in our property file...

They belong to several UI areas and some of them are accessed by
concatenation of several ID parts, which is of course impossible to realize
that they are in use.

I am currently cleaning up a section in the UI and I want to be able to
select all the properties that belong to this section and find out where
they are used, and more importantly which are not used.

So this is more or less 2 features:
1. Search for usage of multiple properties from selection in editor.
2. Find out which ones of the selected properties in the editor are not

These features are other variants of the excellent searching capabilities PE
already has, so I trust they won't be difficult to program.

Amnon I. Govrin

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