Question about PSI changes in Pallada (PsiKeyword)

I wrote my Modifier Modifier Plugin for IDEA 4.0. I'm trying to update it for Pallada but I'm having trouble.

First, it seems there are no more short type constants for the keywords (like PsiKeyword.VOLATILE_KEYWORD) which could be compared with PsiElement.getElementType() to test for whether a PSI element was the "volatile" keyword. How should this be done now? Should I compare PsiElement.getText() with PsiKeyword.VOLATILE (which is simply the String "volatile")?

Second, there are many constants in PsiKeyword for many keywords, but no constant for the "strictfp" keyword (it used to be PsiKeyword.STRICTFP_KEYWORD). Is there a reason for this?

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I just found JavaTokenType, which appears to be where all those constants were moved. I still wonder why this was changed, though.


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