Horrible CVS performance on Linux

For about the past 20 EAP versions, and continuing with the official release, CVS performance in IDEA on Linux has been painstakingly slow. The same release on windows is lightning fast. In searching the forums, I found Paul Palaszewski who says that IDEA is sending CVS requests in 1 byte packets ( http://www.intellij.net/forums/thread.jsp?forum=33&thread=38881&message=549628&q=63767320706572666f726d616e6365#549628 ).
This is something I've been dealing with, just anticipating a fix in the official release. However, it is still a problem.

Has anybody encountered this and does anybody know of a workaround? I have gzip compression enabled...



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I agree - I posted a bug on it
after reading your comment and trying some CVS work on a colleague's
Windows machine (I'm running linux).

You might find that the jetbrains.intellij.eap.cvs newsgroup is a better
place to post...


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This is still not fixed. I often drop down to the command line for CVS functions that take SOOO long in IDEA. pserver and ext both suffer from this problem.

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Thanks to Olesya Smirnova for getting this fixed.


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