Debug autogen code


With the acceptance of aspect oriented programming and the tools to
auto-generate code from XML metadata (and soon Java class metadata)
there is a real need to be able to debug into auto-generated code. It
would be best that the code decompiled first then debugged.

In my case, I am debugging a Tapestry application which enhances
abstract pages at load time to implement the declared page properties.
I want to set a breakpoint on one of the methods that is simply declared as

abstract public String getProperty();

in my source file. I downloaded the IdeaJAD plugin, but I don't know
how to get it to debug into a auto-generated class that does not reside
on disk.

Is it possible to do what I want to do with the IdeaJAD plugin? Perhaps
I'm not set up properly.

David Ezzio

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