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Are you using Pallada 2155 or greater?

The latest version can only see plugins that have been re-released with some info indicating it is supposed to work with the newer builds. At the moment only a few have been updated.

This will take some time. This is good for the long term but as with most things, there will be some short term pain :)


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In article <23796670.1088717230468.JavaMail.itn@is.intellij.net>,
kkashi@csc.com says...

Has anyone used the codelogic plugin? My intelliJ is not able to see / load the plugin.

I've used it with earlier versions of Idea... but it has problems with
later builds. The author, while writing a very useful tool, isn't very
prolific with regular upgrades.

Good tool, though. I use the standalone verion at least several times a
week. And the flowchart generator is very cool.



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