Plugin Class Loader question

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says that

[quote]The 'classes' folder and all jars located in the 'lib' folder are automatically added to the classpath.[/quote]

how to add my properties file visible to plugin classloader?

I write a simple plugin for documentum.

it uses jar dfc.jar with bundle with file.

Invoking of dfc methods doesn't work without dfc.properies

I put dfc.jar and file in plugin library folder.

Compile, run IDEA sandbox, invoke dfc method and get error

ERROR com.documentum.fc.common.impl.preferences.PreferencesManager  - [DFC_PREFERENCE_LOAD_FAILED] Failed to load persistent preferences from null

I try differents method of including in classpath.

I can avoid it by putting in idea start bat classpath

but question exists - how to make my file  visible by  plugin ClassLoader

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Is the Issue fixed now ?

Even I am facing the same issue


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