Line mover with indentation

Hello guys,

I finally found the time to do what I wanted to do since I discovered LineMover plugin. With a help of a very small extra code it now moves lines AND then indents them in the same way as CtrlAltI does (Auto-Indent Lines). I do not invoke Auto-Indent Lines action because it move caret to a rather wrong for this plugin place. I used some code from IDEA to do the trick, so my contribution here is very limited.

I am not sure that I need to iterate to the next version the existing plugin. I suspect some people would want to use the old one instead. So I created a new plugin entry in the repository. It's called LineMoverIndent. Two these plugins can be used at the same time, just make sure you assign different keystrokes for them. I'll post the source code later on.

Here is the link to the repository

Dmitry Skavish
JetBrains, Inc. / "Develop with pleasure!"
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I tried assigning the keyboard shortcut to a desktop icon and it didn't do
anything. Still said 'none'. So, I'm assuming some application has hijacked
it but I have no idea which one or how to find out.

"Andrei Oprea" <> wrote in message

Try assigning the shortcut to any desktop icon. Windows won't let you if

it's already in use. It won't tell you who's using it, though, but that
wouldn't be the first "surprise" you got from Windows, would it? :)



B> Do you know if there is a way to verify that? Just hitting
B> CtrlShiftI doesn't seem to do anything.
B> "Jacques Morel" <> wrote in message
>> If you are on windows, you might want to verify that you don't have a
B> desktop or quickstart icons with shortcut. They will take precedence
B> over any application's.
>> Jacques


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The LineMoverIndent plugin isn't in the repository anymore.

Any reason for this? Is it going to be standard in idea? Anyone can
send me a copy or a link?


BTW, Dmitry, will the source be available? It could be useful for
someone looking at how indentation should be done in a plugin.


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