What happen to DocumentationProvider in idea 7.0?

The documentation provider in my custom language is simply ignored in idea 7.0 (build #6827).

Neither the old Language.getDocumentationProvider() nor Language.createDocumentationProvider() or Language.setDocumentationProvider() are called...
Is there something else i have to consider here for displaying navigation info?

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though this is an old question, please allow me to answer it for the benefit of anyone who still wants to know :) ...

in your plugin.xml, under extensions, add something like this:

  <extensions defaultExtensionNs="com.intellij">
      <lang.documentationProvider language="MyLanguage" implementationClass="idea.plugins.mylanguage.parser.MyLanguageDocumentationProvider"/>

and your class should implement com.intellij.lang.documentation.DocumentationProvider.

Hope this helps someone!


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