Intellij I/O Profiling using YourKit profiler.

I would like to evaluate intellij performance gain due to SSD over regular hard-disk (on ubuntu platform, for java based projects). One way to do this to measure the time spent by intellij doing I/O operations. Any idea on how to gather this information?
I tried the following approach: I've added "-agentlib:yjpagent=sampling,noj2ee,monitors" option to idea.vmoptions and using yourkit for analysing CPU snapshots. Yourkit doesnt display the amount of time spent waiting for I/O.
Are there any other profilers which provide I/O information or, is there a way to obtain I/O wait time suing yourkit profiler? One option is to get 'wall time' for all intellij related function instead of 'cpu time'.

How does intellij team evaluates the I/O performance of a particular idea version?


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