Plugin Manager and versioning issues

Pallada is making it clear that there is a major whole in the current plugin manager with IDEA. As we make plugin changes to deal with API changes, we have the problem of making updates to plugins for IDEA 4.0.x as well as supporting Pallada.

The solution for some is to add a second copy of their plugin with a slightly different name indicating it is for Pallada. While this works, it is far from ideal. Users of 4.0.x are now starting to see what appears to be double entries for some plugins and may be confused by references to Pallada.

I suggest the plugin manager and be updated such that there is a plugin repository per version of IDEA or the repository is smarter with being able to upload two copies of a plugin that claim to support different versions of IDEA (as specified in the plugin.xml).



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Maybe it should only show you the plugins that fall into your min and max version by default and there should be an option to view all plugins. Just in case you need to see them all for some reason.

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If you look into archives, this issue has been discussed sooo deeply
with very detailed proposals but JB doesn't seem to have resources
right now to do that. Still, this is EAP, but when 4.1 is out, they will
HAVE to have a solution in place.



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