IDEAX : VCS auto discovery process changed ?

My MKS plugin used to be able to auto-associate itself with newly added modules when those modules were MKS controlled but it doesn't seem to work anymore in IDEA-X, has there been changes in the Open API VCS auto-association process ?

My plugin overrides the com.intellij.openapi.vcs.AbstractVcs#isVersionedDirectory method but it doesn't seem to be called anymore


Any hints ?

I've debugged my plugin , setting a breakpoint in #isVersionedDirectory while opening a new maven-based project (eg new means there is no IDEA defined module in it susceptible to contribute VCS associations), and the method doesn't get called


I finally checked out the Community edition from GIT, and can't find any callers of either com.intellij.openapi.vcs.AbstractVcs#supportsVersionedStateDetection or com.intellij.openapi.vcs.AbstractVcs#isVersionedDirectory.

Is that expected ?

Irina Chernushina

Hello Thibaut,

administrativeAreaName attribute of <vcs> descrtiptor indicates what folders should be looked for in the directory to quickly check whether it is under VCS.
For instance, for Subversion I set administrativeAreaName=".svn, _svn"

Will fix it for more common case.
The reason - we don't want to create AbstractVcs implemention etc. if it is only a check whether VCS should be used or not


Sounds good, I'll just regret those changes are hard to discover for plugin developpers without having to disturb you.


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