Get classes VirtualFile (or paths) for a specific source VirtualFile


I'm very new to plugin development, so if I'm asking nonsense, please keep the flames on moderate.

Is there any API to get the list of .class files for given source file?

I'm trying to write a plugin that creates a binary patch jar based on a changelist. I've managed to get the changelist and, from it, a list of source files (VirtualFile). Now I'm trying to get the compiled class files for these source files (I don't mind preforming a "make" or relying on the previous compile output).
I've played a bit with ProjectFileIndex but could only find the classes root. I'd hate to do a "dumb" path-based search because inner classes (and inner anonymous classes) would make it difficult to get correctly.

Is there such an API? Or am I doomed to parse the paths?


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