[ANN] VIM Plugin 0.7.2

Fixed several bugs:

- Fixed focus problem with : and / and ? commands.
- Fixed c exception if the motion was invalid. - Fixed word motion on strings such as 1/2/3. - Fixed which didn't always match doing independent commands. - Fixed cw on strings such as 1/2/3. - Fixed dw which could delete ]]> lines instead.
- The results of the :registers, :marks, and :set commands are now displayed properly. This "more" window hadn't been working for a while.
- Fixed cursor position when issuing the O command on the first line.
- The confirmation dialog used with the :s//c command now has a default button and mnemonics for all buttons.
- A space is now properly allowed between the range and the command in a : command such as :1,2 co 4

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What can this plugin do?


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It's a Vim emulator for editing files. If you like to use vi or vim, then you will love this plugin. If you're a MS Windows guy, you'll probably have no use for this plugin :)


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Ah cheers.

No I was never fond of the vm editor on unix. Yes I am more familiar with DOS/Windows so I am using the default IDEA keyboard layout.


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