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Haven't done much plugin development before, so really don't know where to start. But before I do, based on the Open API is it hypothetically possible for IntelliJ to process a URL click such as intellij://com.blah.MyClass and open the corresponding Java file in the current project?

Just thinking it would be really neat if the stack trace could be modified (which would be very simple using a plugin for firefox or chrome) to create a link straight from servlet etc straight back to the development. This would potentially speed up development, and I have seen it already implemented in TextMate (see URL Scheme here

Any thoughts? Or is there something that already does this that I have foolishly missed.


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I had seen that one, but I was hoping to link directly from a URL in a Web Browser to speed things up.

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Not sure about exact implementation details but TeamCity IDEA plugin incorporates such a feature for TeamCity web dashboard, i.e. click from web page displayed at browser navigates to the IDE.

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Hi Wayne,

I talked to TeamCity guys about that and they said that they implemented the feature at the following way:

  • TeamCity IDEA plugin listens at particular port;
  • web page contains link that causes HTTP GET to be sent to target port listen by the plugin;
  • the plugin receives request and reacts accordingly;

Hope that helps. Also you can setup free TeamCity edition and check it's javascript processing related to that functionality.



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