Spring Bean References in Third Party Plugins

I have what I think is the correct way to register a SpringBeanNamesReferenceProvider from within my reference contributor, but the references won't resolve.

XmlUtil.registerXmlAttributeValueReferenceProvider(registrar, attributeNamesArray, xmlTagFilter(NamespaceFilters.COMMON_NAMESPACE_FILTER, tagClassFilter, "tagName"), new SpringBeanNamesReferenceProvider());

private ElementFilter xmlTagFilter(NamespaceFilter namespaceFilter, ClassFilter tagClassFilter,
            String... tagNames) {
        TextFilter tagNameFilter = new TextFilter(tagNames);
        AndFilter tagAndClassWithinNamespace = new AndFilter(namespaceFilter, tagClassFilter, tagNameFilter);

        return new ParentElementFilter(tagAndClassWithinNamespace, 2);

I know the xmlTagFilter resolves element correctly, because I'm using it with my customer reference providers, and they resolve my customer references.  I just can't get the Spring Beans to resolve.  I checked my Spring filesets and they appear to be configured properly.

The only thing I can think of right now, is I don't have any custom DomElement interfaces for the document I'm viewing.  Could this be it, or is there something else I'm missing?

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Nevermind.  I realized the references provided by the reference providers take a PsiLiteralExpression.  I just rolled my own reference and reference provider, then retrieved the model for the module from the SpringManager to perform the resolutions.

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Hi Brad,

For some simple cases, you can add tooling annotations to your custom bean schema for declaring an attribute value to resolve to a bean of specific type.
Code completion in IDEA supports these annotations. But given that you've implemented specific support as a plugin, I assume you already know.



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