How to add custom plugin repository?


it is possible to use a custom plugin repository with IDEA? When searching the web, I did find bits of information that seems to indicate that it must be possible, but I could not find detailed information about how to actually do it. If anybody knows how to configure IDEA to use a custom plugin repository, I would much appreciate your help. Thank you.

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Look in Settings (dialog) -> Updates -> Plugin Hosts

The on-line help describes "Plugin Hosts" like this: "Use this area to maintain the list of hosts, where the enterprise plugin repositories reside."

On the same help page there's a link to "Updating Plugins from an Enterprise Respository".

Randall Schulz


Hello Randall,

thanks very much for your quick and helpful answer. I've searched the settings dialog and did not find anything, but totally missed to use the search function of the online help. Oh well...



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