[ANN] TMate 1.0.1 (build #51) is available

Hello All,

TMate release 1.0.1 is available for download at http://tmate.org/ or via IDEA Plugin Manager. There are both versions for IDEA 4.0.3 and IDEA 4.1 ('Pallada').

To use TMate, please get an evaluation or commercial license key at http://tmate.org/download/

This release contains number of improvements and bugfixes, including:

- Support for Local TMate Server installation in OS other then Windows (was tested with RedHat Linux and Mac OS X).
- Filter | Hide All But ... actions in main TMate window
- Reassignable keyboard shortcuts (see File | Settings | Keymap)
- Other bugfixes

See detailed information about TMate including screenshots and online documentaion at http://tmate.org/

Alexander Kitaev.
TMate Software, http://tmate.org/

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