[ANN] - Generate toString() v2.13 released

v2.13 of the toString() plugin has been released at the offical homepage for this plugin at:


Or using the pluginmanager from within IDEA 4.x.

This version supports the new EAP build 2008, IDEA 4.x and IDEA 3.x as well (not compiled for this yet, but v2.12 has now avail).

For a release supporting IDEA 3.x download it from the official homepage. The IDEA pluginmanager is only a feature in IDEA 4.x.

About the plugin
GenerateToString is a action plugin for IDEA that is used to create or update java classes toString() method. The reason is valuebeans usually needs to dump their fieldvalues for debug purpose, and it's tedious to write the dump code for this. So this action plugin generates the code to dump all the fields in a simple manner.

v2.13 for IDEA 3.x/4.x (apr-19-2004)
- Compiled with IDEA EAP build 2008 (Pallada)
- Field chooser dialog is not shown if all fields are filtered out by exclude fields
- Using log4j as debugger. Can be enabled by adding this to log4j.xml in IDEA_HOME\bin folder:
<category name="org.intellij.idea.plugin.tostring">
<priority value="DEBUG"/>
<appender-ref ref="CONSOLE-DEBUG"/>
- Action added back to menus if unchecking disable action in code and editor popup menus
- Fixed bug graying active template for fresh installation of plugin:
- toString() is added before the public static void main(String[] args) method if its the last method in the class
- Simple version of inspection feature added:
Settings -> Errors -> ToString() Issues -> 'As warnings' to see in right gutter in editor.
Setting 'As warnings' for the 'Class does not overwrite toString() method' inspection is not adviceable as the entire
class will be marked with yellow (limit in IDEA OpenAPI with only four choices of problem highlights)
To run insepctions right click in code editor and choose Inspect Code...

/Claus, the author

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Yes I will look into the other two community feature requests now. (javadoc and get methods dumped too).

I just wanted to release this version with the code inspection feature before changing attention to these two feature requests.



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