Running the process in background button with progress bar

  Hi Again
     Im usig the UsageViewImplUtil.runProcessWithProgress to run some processes in bckgorund with the progress bar. I am trying to upgrade the JarTool  plugin to idea 8, but the class UsageViewImplUtil is no longer available in the IDEA8 openapi.jar. could you please helpme andprovide the alternative method.


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Hi Ruwan

I tried the same thing.
I changed your code to use Task instead of UsageViewImplUtil.runProcessWithProgress.

I have a problem on displaing GUI. In debug all seem to work. When i deploy the jar I do not see anything.
I attach the entire project.
Hope this help.

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The file I attached is the source code of Jar Tool pluging developed by Ruwanpathirana

I only tried to change it to work with Idea 8.0.
The project compiles and run.
In debug all seems to work fine, but I cannot see any GUI when i deploy the plugin in production.

If someone can patch the code to work also in production enviroment, please post the code.



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